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2017 Residency at The Street

Canberra Wind Symphony will again perform as an artist in residence at The Street for 2017.

Canberra Wind Symphony will return to The Street Theatre as residents next year for their 2017 beyondblue concert series. During their 2016 residency, CWS performed 6 concerts at The Street Theatre, bringing classical and contemporary art music to the ears of the theatre audience.

For the uninitiated, CWS is a 40-piece wind ensemble performing music that is orchestral in nature, classical in style and contemporary in its instrumentation. Generally playing one-per-part, the ensemble is allowed maximum vertical clarity between the players, and by the common medium of air, the sound is unified and blended sublimely.

The CWS 2017 concert series will soon be announced, so please do check the website over the coming weeks!