Fan Club



Join the Canberra Wind Symphony Fan Club and support Canberra’s own professional wind ensemble to fly to greater heights. Your membership will assist us in covering everything from pencils to sheet music purchase and venue hire. Most CWS performances include music purchased directly from a living composer. That means that we’re keeping music live and new, and are proponents of the art form. With your help, you can be too!


$50 – Pinwheel

The Basics: Helps to cover essential ensemble production costs to keep music live.

$250 – Plume

Sheet Music Purchase: Supports living composers and keeps art music alive.
Plume members receive:
  • Acknowledgement in each CWS Program.
  • A Souvenir CWS Feather Brooch

View Fan Club 2018 Plume Membership

$500 – Propeller

Venue Hire: Contributes directly to the costs of hiring quality venues for professional CWS players to deliver outstanding performances.
Propeller level members receive:
  • Acknowledgement in each CWS Program
  • A Souvenir CWS Feather Brooch
  • 4 complimentary tickets per season
  • A VIP invitation for you and a guest to the CWS Fanfare Reception (more details to follow).

View Fan Club 2018 Propeller Membership

  Corporate Partnerships

Partnering with the Canberra Wind Symphony aligns with the principles of supporting local, exceptional, world-class talent. CWS is synonymous with authenticity, art, love, and the value of beauty, and we believe that ‘beauty will save the earth’. To sum it up: Captivating. Engaging. Brilliant.

If this aligns with your corporate mission, please talk to us and we would love to explore the possibility of partnering with you.


Q. I used to be a player-partner. Is that no longer available?
A. Thank you so much for supporting our musicians! The player-partners were greatly valued by a handful of musicians over the past couple of years, however there were a great deal of extremely high quality players who unfortunately were not partnered. We have therefore decided to move to a Fan Club model where we can all benefit equally. The best way to line your musicians’ pockets is to bring all your friends to our performances (the Season Pass is a great start!)

Q. Why do you even need money? How much could it cost?
A. The Canberra Wind Symphony is comprised of professional instrumentalists. The Australian Musicians’ Union calculates call fees to be between $150-$170 per person per call. For each concert, musicians have 5 calls, and there are 40 musicians. So, that’s over $30,000 right there – and we haven’t even talked equipment, sheet music and venue hire yet.

Q. How are you funded?
A. We’re not. We live off donations and ticket sales and are thankful for our growing audience.

Q. Why don’t you just apply for a grant?
A. We could. We might. It’s a very competitive field and for now, we would like to continue to sustain ourselves with a loyal following.

Q. Is the name “Fan Club” a pun?
A. Why, that’s extremely perceptive of you! Yes. Yes, it is.