Canberra Wind Symphony


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The Canberra Wind Symphony presents music written for its medium by the finest composers, including highlighting Australian works in showcasing the stunningly thrilling sounds this instrumental combination produces.

Is it an orchestra? You can think of the Canberra Wind Symphony as an orchestra without the strings. All instruments in the ensemble are powered by the same medium – air – the optimal tool for creating a stunningly natural and unified sound with infinite possibilities of expression. The players – up to 45 – are passionate, technically stunning and highly motivated musicians who have joined together to play in an exemplary group of similarly experienced national and international performers – choosing to engage and excite audiences with breathtaking music.

Performances are presented in concert venues and boutique art spaces, and include a powerful selection of seminal works from a wide array of impressive 20th and 21st Century composers.  The use of a large brass section means that a Wind Symphony has just as much power and diversity as a string orchestra, and the rich timbres of the woodwinds deliver a highly toneful synergy to both the harmonic and melodic scorings. The introduction of the Canberra Wind Symphony is the most significant impact on the large ensemble landscape in the Capital Region since Ernest Llewellyn took over the reins of the CSO 50 years ago. This level of clarity and musicianship is rare – you’ll just have to experience it!

The Canberra Wind Symphony doesn’t just want or need sponsors. We’re looking to engage with passionate people and organisations that wish to support exceptional performances at the highest international level through partnering. Write to for a comprehensive information pack of ‘Full Flight’ partnering benefits.